Introduction to Kalamar

escorting the wagons past the avalanch sight

We were ambushed along the rivers edge at a place where the bandits had caused an avalanche. While the wagons were placed on skis and pulled across by mules they attacked from two fronts. A sizeable force attacked from the front while a force of 3 attacked from the ledges up on the cliffs. We killed 7 but our sizmozian female driver was killed. we learned later that her daughter was a hidden passenger in the red wagon.
One bandit survived. He was willing to talk and provided information on the location of his camp and its lone occupant, granny. The camp was tucked back in the woods and snow not far away. He revealed the location of traps so there were no incidents with our quick trip there. The granny was not a threat to us so we left her alone until the bandits made their rounds in a few days. We’d be long gone by then. Since we were short a driver and the bandit was well secured we used him to replace our dead driver.
We spent that night at a caravan campsite later that day. Jerry noticed the little girl leave the red wagon. A pair of glaring eyes watched guardedly from inside. No idea what that was. The night was unremarkable.
The next day the wagon master warned us of a river ford that we must take. It is a common ambush point for weaker caravans so we could expect just about anything. Our wagons were too few in number to expect protection. We scouted the ford before approaching it with the wagons and discovered the deep voices of a couple of ogres. They are not all that sophisticated but can create a great deal of damage.
Elunduriel and I used the xbows to harass the ogres when the wagons crossed; although it had little effect on their tough hides.One of the ogres smashed a wagon severely. The other ogre was convinced to run off when we mentioned Mother wanted them back home. That worked because of a fortunate bit of conversation we overheard while they were sitting in ambush.
To make a long story short, Rufus used his wand to hurt the attacking ogre badly. He found himself in a position to strike the injured ogre in the back and miraculously killed it in one blow. Magic repair got the wagon back on track. That night the regular wagon guards gave their places inside the wagons to those with severe injuries. This last battle marked a shift in the respect they showed us. Nevils injuries were so dire that the wagon master gave him his own personal healing potion. That night was uneventful. The next day our caravan reached the mountains.
That evening in the mountains our camp was raided by a troll. They make good sport when you are fresh but even in our condition we killed it.
On the next morning the caravan master advised us that we were nearing the half way point of our journey. There is a farm we will be stopping at around noon. Our moral was considerably elevated by the news and remained that way until we saw smoke over the horizon just short of our destination. We quickened our pace in hopes we were not too late.
A barn was burning after an apparent attack by unknown assailants. Near it was the ruin of a farm house. Near it was 4 human bodies. The wind carried the cries of an overly fat woman that had lodged herself in the bottom of the well. We did manage to extract here.
While tending her we heard a man ( her husband ) calling out from the burning barn. We rushed to his aid and did save him from the timbers pressing him to the ground. Not all that far away is a more fortified farmhouse made of stone. There is supposed to be a group of dwarves at the farm so we figured they were in charge of that building.
Our next move was to reach its safety and treat the wounded




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