Rob's fighter


Originally from the village of Pluck’s Gutter, as a young man he had the hots for Anya Furansdotter. She did not reciprocate the feelings and constantly left him feeling ashamed of loving her. The whole village knew this.

Anya was eventually raped and murdered by the middle son of Lord Sorbak. During the resulting trial, Jerry was framed for the rape and murder. The farmer Jarak swore that he saw the two of them heading off into the woods together just prior to Anya’s death. Jerry never did stay in town for the trial. With the help of his half-elvish friends, he managed to slip away through the woods and disappeared from Pluck’s Gutter.

In the ensuing years, Jerry enrolled in the Kalamarian army. He lied about his age and was accepted as a grunt. During his service, he ended up fighting against the dwarves in the duchy of Dodera.

Whilst he was there, his squad was ambushed by the dwarves. Everyone else in the squad perished, but Jerry was captured.

The dwarves kept Jerry as a prisoner for over a year. During this time, a dwarvish cleric of the Guardian befriended him. The dwarvish cleric eventually convinced the tribe to release Jerry.



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