Icons of the Realm

1. Emperor: The Emperor of Kalamar is a powerful figure. He rules with an iron fist. His allies are the Hobgoblin Lord and the Archmage. His Enemies are the Dwarf Queen, the Elf Queen, and the Lich Lord.

2. Archmage: Brother in Law of the Emperor, he resides on Bet Rogala. In theory he is the head of the College of Magic. In practice he is responsible for maintaining the magical energies of the Empire. He is the one who pushed the Empire into the war with the Dwarves. He feared they were gathering too much magical power and wished to defeat them before they became too powerful. His largest allies are the Emperor and the Priest. His enemies are the dwarves, the Elf Queen and the Lich Lord

3. Dwarf Queen: Currently exiled, she is the weakest of the icons at the moment. She has an undying hatred of the Emperor ever since he betrayed her and forced her into exile. The dwarf queen claims ownership of all magical items found under the ground. Her biggest allies are the Elf Queen and the Great Gold Wyrm. Her biggest enemies are the Archmage, the Emperor and the Hobgoblin Lord.

4. Elf Queen: The mystical Elf Queen rules all of the elves of Kalamar. This includes all of the various races of elves, even the drow. She is currently in an unsteady alliance with the dwarves on the theory of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Her other ally is the High Druid. Her enemies are the Emperor and the Lich King. She has a very unsteady truce with the Archmage at the moment. He realizes her magical powers and his are evenly matched and does not wish to destabilize the realm. If he can undermine her by other means he will but he is not willing to risk a direct confrontation. She was the one who organized the overthrow of the Wizard King.

5. Diabolist:

6. Hobgoblin Lord:

7. Prince of Shadows:

8. The High Priest of Kalamar:

9. High Druid:

10. Lich King: The first Emperor of Kalamar, otherwise known as the WIzard King. He is currently exiled to the frozen reaches of the north, where he plots the return of his kingdom. He lives in magical undeath. His goal is to rule what was once his. His allies are unknown. His enemies are the Archmage, the Emperor, the High Priest and the Elf Queen.

11. The Three:

12. Crusader:

13. Great Gold Wyrm:

Icons of the Realm

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