Karinar Manor

A former mage’s tower located near the keep, it has since been overrun with goblins. Lord Reyifor’s daughter was to meet one of the dwarven contacts near here. She was kidnapped and held for ransom.

The ransom demand was delivered by a young Dejy man who is known to the bouncers at the Broken Axe tavern. The Dejy man slipped the money to his contact within the tavern. The contact went out into a snow storm to meet his goblin allies. The goblins and the contact were killed by a group of adventurers. The goblins were then back tracked to the nearby manor.

Karinar left to protect that which was sacred to the dwarves.

A. The paintings on the wall contain the following series:

1. A female human with a fresh scar on her left cheek is standing with her foot on top of a young black bear. She has a crudely hand drawn painting of a goblin biting her ankle.

2. A large man with a huge sword slung across his back is swinging down a rope in front of a cliff, followed by a black bearded dwarf with an ax and shield. The man has crudely drawn feces falling behind him.

3. A small halfling is holding on to a crystal ball with a full body grip. He is screaming terribly. A crudely drawn goblin has a spear going up his bum.

4. A human wielding a scimitar is going toe to toe with a troll while his hooded ally is ripping pages out of his spellbook frantically. A crude phallus is drawn, poking the hooded ally from behind.

Karinar Manor

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