Temple of the Rotlord

The orcs have been living near an abandoned dwarven temple and tomb. It is located in a mountain meadow near the top of Mount Tamara.

A hidden passage that has since been blocked by a rockslide leads up to the top of the mountain.

The Temple complex itself consists of a large sandstone building in the middle, a solid black marble tower, a stand alone stone archway and 3 doored cave entrances. The stand alone arch has writing all over it.

The Temple of the Traveller has been liberated by the heroes and is now open for business. The Traveller god has given his blessings and spoken to the people here. He is now free.

The Temple is also dedicated to Barla Re-Bearded, who was a hero to the worshippers of the Traveller due to her extensive journeys.

Temple of the Rotlord

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