Village of Mar'Ah Rhok

The remnants of the Dwarven Kingdom live in refuge here.

Located in the hills behind Fort Karasta, Mar’Ah Rhok is a hidden dwarven village buried in the side of the mountains. It is only accessible by a series of rope bridges. A pulley system is used for heavier items, while travellers are expected to walk along ropes. The ropes are set up so that a person walks along one rope while holding on to 2 others. This system must be used twice to access the village. It is located on the same side of the cliff as Fort Karasta, underneath an overhang. It cannot be seen from the same side.

All dwellings are rooms carved out of the caverns. They are interconnected by a series of ladders and tunnels. The ladders can be easily removed in the event of an attack, as can the rope bridges.

The Dwarven Queen Munia Farlode rules the village.

Village of Mar'Ah Rhok

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